DJ Kraft

;;Justin Kraft, 23, Grand Rapids, Michigan;;
;;Making music for around 10 years;;
;;Hip-Hop beats;;
;;Influenced by Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, DJ Premier;;
;;Sample based instrumentals;;
;;Soul samples, obscure samples;;
;;All beats I post are my own, unless I say otherwise;;
;;Most beats are for sale, ask me about prices;;

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Still Got It;;

Still Got It;;

This is about my youngest son. Please take the time to read it.


Sir Corbin is 6 and a half months old now, and at his 6 month check up, his doctor heard a heart murmur in his heart. He told us it was so faint that it probably isn’t anything to be worried about, and would most likely go away on it’s own, but he wanted test done to be sure it wasn’t anything…

;;Is Back;;

I’ve been away from Tumblr for awhile. Well, everything online, actually. We didn’t have internet for a little bit there. But I’m back! Keep an eye out for new beats, and thanks for following!

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;;Man Hats;;

;;Click to watch me mix live;;

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;;300 Followers, AWESOME;;

Thanks guys, for all the support so far!

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;;Tell Me the Last Time;;

;;To all the producers on Tumblr;;

Wanna collaborate? Start a beat, then email me the zip file. I use FL Studio, so it’d be cool if you did too. Be sure you include your tumblr link in the email! I look forward to working with you! 

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;;Pianos For Me;;
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;;DJ Kraft && Wally West Collabo Beat;;
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;;Dragon's Song;;